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Business and Economy play a major role in our system. Your choices, successes, and especially losses, will effect everything throughout the world, So, it only makes sense that the economy would follow suit, and we are tired of pretending it doesn’t.

With that in mind, if a player wants to start a business or build a settlement during gameplay the following information will be useful in determining the scope of the business, the size, costs, and potential income each week for a fully built and functioning location.


The common folk have a saying that “money makes the Wheel turn.” And they are not wrong- Coinage, however, is nowhere near as prolific as what traditional games would have you believe. Most commoners will not ever hold more than a handful of copper coins in a year, and a silver coin once every few years. Most villages will not ever see a gold coin but once or twice in their lifetimes. So, commerce becomes a bit tricky for adventuring folks- often you are trading labor or goods than raw currency.

The table on the left will break down the exchange rate for you.

This section is under construction and will soon be updated

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