Character Creation

The Eternity Engine eschews the Class based approach to character creation.

Choose your Genus and Lineage, then shape your character by choosing a Unique Heritage. You’ll then choose a Heroic Archetype before choosing the Specializations, Deviations, and Skills that shape your character into a unique force to be reckoned with.

The Eternity Engine™ contains nearly 150 pages jam packed full of options that allow you to build the character you want without the fear of failing character creation.

"It should be impossible for a player to fail character creation, no matter what the setting or system. If a game has a 'meta' or is balanced by arbitrary gatekeeping (no matter how familiar) then the options are an illusion of choice, and the creators are factually wasting your time. "

-Jarred NightThorne

**Not all of the descriptions below are considered complete nor should they be taken as final until we move to closed beta!**

The different places, scenes, events, and people of interest are all Legacy driven…

Every Tale of Otherworlds Online’s Epic, was created through previous player's choices. And your game will be no different. As you adventure through the Lands of Fate, you will make many decisions that will shape the world around you. The design of this setting is merely the backdrop for the stories players and GM tell one another as events change, alter, and spiral out of control. Your choices at character creation will affect your options, as well as how NPC’s will perceive you, and will become apparent in the way they react to your presence. Events may occur in your story that would never have happened in another, due to the characters involved. In fact, even without direct involvement, there are set events in the world that occur as the Wheel grinds onward. It is up to you, your GM, and those who join you to decide how to react to those changes as each choice takes you closer to ascension.

The Genera of Materia

Scattered across Materia there are plenty of different creatures and monsters, friend and foe. Of those, there are currently 13 Genera that you may choose to play from.  The Eternity Engine™ doesn’t stop there though. From those 13 Species, not including Humans and the Hajin, each has at least 3 Lineages to choose from, which means you’ll enjoy almost 140 different character choices right at the start.

Anima [Outsiders]

Anima are living Majik, born to mortal parents where one, or both consistently drew upon extradimensional powers. A relationship that imprints supernatural traits on their children. For instance, an Anima ceases to physically age once they reach peak performance, which gives them a youthful, if sometimes downright childish appearance. Anima also cannot sire or bear children themselves. With even the loving embrace of a family beyond their grasp, they tend to be violently possessive of what family that they do have. Due to their eccentric nature, and emotional outbursts, Anima find keeping lasting relationships extremely difficult, but those who show them kindness and respect will find them to be steadfast and loyal companions. However, not all children born to those who draw Mana from other worlds become Anima, and it is quite unclear to scholars what specific factors determine how such traits are passed to kin.

Below are some examples of playable Outsiders from our narrative:

Novus Fae

Novus Fae are born with the blood of the Drude, of Faerie, flowing through their veins. These mercurial Anima are famous both for their duplicity and for their whimsical natures. Their Drude blood gives them the instinctive ability to beguile and captivate.

Their bodies manipulate their internal Mana in small and subtle ways. They might alter their hair color to match their outfits. Their eyes might actually sparkle every time someone pays them a compliment.

Their ability to naturally alter their biology to become more pleasing to those they meet makes these Anima truly dangerous.

Novus Fiend

The legacy of Hel pumps through a Fiend’s body with every heartbeat, fanning passion and desire at every turn.

As a Fiend reaches maturity, they come to understand how to wield the internal infernal, gaining several supernatural abilities such as superior vision in all light conditions, supernatural resistance to flame, and the ability to force others into a dreamless sleep.

Eventually, Fiends tend to give in to their genetic desire to twist every encounter into a negotiation in which they come out on top.

Novus Nephilim

Nephilim are touched by the Divine and are considered to be the children of the Seraphim Hosts. The radiance of the heavens flows through their veins.

Nephilim are strikingly beautiful, with eyes that burn with blazing radiance and perfectly symmetrical bodies that appear unnatural to all mortal Genera. They may summon a glorious set of snow-white wings at will, though at the cost of terrible pain.

People who are either extremely devout or extremely superstitious often refer to Nephilim as Angels.

Aos'si [Elf]

The Aos’si are part of a small list of species that are native to Materia prime. Aos’si wield Majik in tune with nature, living in the places untouched by the ravages of Odium.

Aos’si physically resemble stunningly beautiful humans, but with obvious differences like the long arrow shaped ears, and tall, lithe frames. Any further distinction between the subtypes of Aos’si are rooted in genetics.

Every Aos’si boasts an extremely long natural lifespan, in fact most Aos’si one encounters in the world have already lived several hundred turns of the Wheel. And having seen, heard, or lived through more than a few tricks and feints, Aos’si appear far more aloof and reserved than other species.

Below are some examples of playable Aos’si from our narrative:


Commonly called ‘dryads’ for hair that grows in leaf-like patterns that they fashion with flowers, and color with berries. And for their skin, which resembles the texture and pattern of tree bark. The Aos’si of Dusk are closer to nature than any of their other fair folk brethren. Hunting game, gathering food, and gardening vegetables allow them to support themselves without ever leaving the safety of their forests. Their tree-top homes remove the need for clearing and plowing land, and they take extreme efforts to never take what they cannot replace, always acting in the best interest of the land and creatures that cannot speak for themselves.

Dusk Aos’si encountered outside their own lands are commonly traveling minstrels, sages, or accomplished scouts and caravan guides. They are often seen covered in the Majik tattoos made famous by the Guild of Rune-Knights, which originated from the Dusk style of warfare.


These Aos’si once thrived upon Materia living in honeycomb cities built into and on top of the floating isles of Mahn. The Starlight Aos’si lost far more than any other species when Juria’rauul was slain. Their homelands fell from the skies as Miasma tore through the Majik that held them aloft. After centuries without a kingdom to call their own, their wings metaphorically and physically have been clipped.

The loss of their wings caused such a fundamental shift in Sylph biology and mindset that they have become all but unrecognizable as Aos’si when compared to their cousins. But despite their hard lives, Sylph tend to make the most of their situation by ‘roosting’ on top of the tallest buildings, preforming death-defying acrobatics in an effort to preserve their dying heritage.

Starlight Aos’si look like a cross between a short human and an unnaturally tall Gnome with a set of atrophied wings that protrude out of their back between their shoulder blades. Their skin tends to be pale and course, however, like all avian creatures, feather plumage pulls from a massive pallet of colors and patterns.


Twilight Aos’si, commonly known as ‘Tritons’, have lived in the shadows for thousands of years. After millennium of darkness beneath the waves, the Twilight Kingdom of Umo began experiencing extreme episodes of melancholy and dreariness that nearly destroyed their culture and species. Eventually, this ‘call of the void’ was so prolific across their variant that it became a rite of passage and those who live through it learn to accept that death exists so that their finite time on Materia has meaning. That it is the personal responsibility of every living soul to not only find their own purpose in life, but to record it as well.

Webbed hands and feet give them superior swimming speed and agility, a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth not unlike a shark, and the ability to smell blood from over a thousand feet, combine to make them the perfect predators, at least in terms of costal or aquatic settings. Do not confuse them with merfolk however, for as much as they resemble sharks, they are bipedal and freely move between the surface and their the deep.

Draugr [Undead]

This section will be updated soon!

Dornite [Dwarf]

This section will be updated soon!

Hajin [Hybrid]

This section will be updated soon!

Nithe [Drakōn]

This section will be updated soon!

Okeanataur [Beastmen]

This section will be updated soon!

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