Design Goals

When creating our camp cycle system, we did so with three goals in mind.

First, we designed Camp Cycle for downtime and exploration management. The structure, therefore, includes rules for resource harvesting, navigation, getting lost, and finding your way again. A Camp Cycle’s structure is around having its players constantly making new discoveries (even in places they have been before) as they traverse the world.

Second, building on that, the Eternity Engine attempts to turn overland travel into a minigame to keep both players and Game Master from getting off track. The purpose is to allow for the passage of time, without the players becoming wrapped up into the details of their character sheet, which often contains rules that only affect daily adventure.

Thirdly, to support all these goals (hidden hexes, exploration, reusable material) we want to introduce uncertainty into whether the keyed content of a particular hex would even be experienced by the group in question (instead of the group automatically triggering the content when the hex is entered). Our hope is that with Camp Cycle rules, more of our games will find themselves nearing the finish line intact, still piloted by their original cast members.

So, we present to you Camp Cycle, a system for generating encounters (to both create content and to replace the ephemeral hex keys), keeping what happens between each delve as dynamic as the rest of the adventure.

This section is under construction and will soon be updated

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