Majik and Mana

Spells? In the Lands of Fate we don’t use “Spells”, there are no spell slots, and preparing them is situational.

In order create Majik you must learn to wield the surrounding Mana, and Manipulate the Planar Tides using Runes as a focus.

Mana: The life-force of all living things…

Mercurial and immeasurable, the energy carried in its waves is flavored by the plane it makes birth from. They move in circles, coiling and twisting around each other like the gears of an impossible machine as they crash against the shores of this Plane or that. This ebb and flow of Mana, studied only by the most venerated scholars on Materia, refer to it as The Planar Tide.

The Tides are the currents of urge and emotion that flow through mortal kind’s collective psyche. Usually, they are as inviolate as the air surrounding the Prime Materia. However, spellcasters can perceive it, and why most spellcasting is referenced as ‘manipulating’ the Tides. Majik manipulators draw upon the Mana of the Tides to produce their spells, but most of them do so indiscriminately without knowledge of where their power is pulled from. Discipline runes are loosely derived from the Tides themselves (Necromancy and the Noir Tide for example), with each Tide being affected by the Apogee and Perigee of the Planes as they twist about in the Neamhní.


On occasion, a Manipulator is bathed in the pure waters of a mana pool emerging as a shepherd to whichever source called to their soul. To drink of the Tides is to drink of the divine itself, and these demigods are called ‘Tidecallers.’ To become a Tidecaller, one must first absorb enough raw mana to kill a normal mortal several times over and live to tell the tale. Drawing on places or objects of power such as Leylines tied to majik and the fabric of a world, artifacts from the Age of Heroes or Myth that hum with powers long forgotten, or the ambiance of a corridor between worlds are the most common ways that a manipulator is branded by the mana they absorb.

Tidecallers are in essence, walking majik forces; masters of power greater than themselves. They use these powers to manipulate the worlds they touch and often place marks upon large untapped sources of mana they want to access as they travel. Tidecallers are free spirits by nature and are not bound by any single Otherworld rule or law. However, being alien travelers no Tidecaller can hide their true nature well.

Each Plane of existence has its own Tidal Color, all tied to different forms of manipulation. For example, blue represents the Azure Tide, while black represents the Noir Tide. These ‘rivers’ are represented by physical changes that manifest itself on your person in the form of a Tidal spark. As a Tidecaller travels though the Otherworlds multiverse, they will find that some abilities, items, or spells might fail to function as the rules that govern the new reality or planet that they are visiting is vastly different than any of the ones they have previously encountered.

Manipulating the Tide

Instead of having a massive list of prepared spells that ‘could’ exist and would be argued over, the Eternity system instead uses a different approach to Majik: Raviidyn Runes. These 24 rune words make up the basis for all Combat Majik.  

When not in the stressful situations known as Conflict, a manipulator may wield their known Majiks as a skill in the same way that an Alchemist creates magnificent potions and poultices laced with majik.

Runic Alphabet

There are twenty-four Elder Runes, eight of which are the Disciplines of majik. Ten of them represent the Elements of the multiverse. The final six are the runes that bring the others into Focus.

It costs a manipulator precious Mana to invoke even a single Rune, but more runes laced together requires additional investment of Mana to ensure that the manipulator maintains control over the outcome.

The Raviidyn Rune alphabet is divided into three types: Discipline Runes, Element Runes, and Focus Runes.

This section is under construction and will be updated soon!

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