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Our world is called Materia Prime, and she is dying...

This is where it all started

The story of the Eternity Engine™ begins with explaining that the world of Materia is dying, choking slowly under global pollution caused by excessive majik manipulation. The players goal over the course of many adventures is to find a way to solve the global environmental crisis, or adapt to the chaotic miasma. It is a world that stands on the precipice of massive change; teetering on a knifes edge to another war between religious beliefs. Players will need to seek out allies, craft wondrous spells and items, and hold true to their ideals on their journey to Legend. Or else find out first hand that even Legends can die.

Would you like to become a god?

To uninformed masses and underdeveloped worlds, Tidecallers can and will appear as gods to the ignorant as they have seemingly endless resources of mana which they pull from worlds and lands unknown. Tidecallers adventure for any number of reasons; some to gain the wit and quick thinking of a deceptive advisor, some to gain the power to rule entire Otherworlds, and some just for the thrill of exploring the unknown.

While Creating Your Own World.

With Otherworlds, you begin by building upon the world provided, and slowly our world becomes your own. Filled with multi-dimensional characters with goals and dreams, with legendary objects and locations with unique stories of their own, created organically by players as time marches on. Eventually, your world will barely resemble the Lands of Fate and you have become but another of the myriad of Otherworlds that drift upon the currents of Eternity. Will the people of Materia learn from the mistakes of the past? Or will they succumb to their dark fate? Only time will tell.

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