“No story ever truly ends, it is merely the start of another.” - Nicholas Hudson

This is as much as a motto, as it is the basis of our entire mythos. Every world, every game, every character placed onto the literal and metaphorical table are all as valid and alive as the Materia we gave birth to. And Materia grew from the idea that every game our creators played over a decade all took place in the same timeline, under the same binary star. Every success, every failure, all kept as an evolving history along a journey that never ends.

How does it work?

Some people are born for greatness, others are born of greatness. Perhaps you would like to take on the role of a child of some Famous Adventurer, Archmagus, Merchant Dynasty, or Noble House and your actions reflect upon your ancestry. Or perhaps your actions have branded you a Tidecaller, and the institutions and organizations you have encountered eagerly accept your offer of investment. These assets, can be passed down through Family Lineage to new characters & players, granting increased wealth, gear, talents, connections, and more. Just remember, everything has a price.

Examples of Legacy Deviations

This Old House

Your parents recently passed away and left you with the proverbial ‘keys to the castle’.

  1. Bane

    Turns out, your parents owed a lot of money and your debtors have placed a lean on your property.

  2. Boon

    You begin with a T1 Establishment.

What’s in a Name?

One of your parents is a powerful Tidecaller, who is notorious across several worlds, and dropping their name has consequences.

  1. Bane

    Your parents’ enemies are your enemies, and they will stop at nothing to use you in their feud.

  2. Boon

    You received the finest training money could buy and experience could offer. When you gain either the deviation “Martial Combat Training” or “Mystic Art Training” you may choose two options instead of one.

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