What is Otherworlds Online?

Otherworlds Online™ began as a tabletop game set in the Forgotten Realms Universe using the 2.5 edition of Dungeons and Dragons set and Mythos…

However, as time passed, the setting and editions were not the only things that changed, but the players and the world followed in tandem. Our only constant: We never 'rebooted' the setting each time a new group was formed. Every game that was played became cannon along a timeline that deviated from Faerun to become its own campaign setting and ruleset. Our primary focus: The Legacy of what was, and the adventure to what could be. This way, both players and Game masters truly feel as if their contributions affect what has effectively become a living world.
The Link below will take you to our first of many creations,
The Traveler's Guide to Otherworlds. This is where it all started and acted as the steppingstone to The Eternity Engine™ we have today.

Our number one goal.

Here at Otherworlds Online LLC we have one main goal, and that is to help YOU find the world you’ve been looking for. To do that we are creating our very own TTRPG with its own dedicated system, a system we call the Eternity Engine™!
We offer tools to assist both players and game masters craft characters, creatures, and setting befitting Epic adventures no matter the genre, be it high fantasy or gritty science fiction.

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The focus of our System!

The Eternity Engine™ takes the stress off of a game master to build a unique and compelling world of their own. No more long hours spent trying to close plot holes, or struggle to incorporate a player’s backstory into the setting, as we provide a stage in which the world-that-was and the laws that existed there (both in game physics as well as the game rules) are only loosely set in stone. As players play through the tales we will provide, they will shape the world to their own liking following the theme of “...grant me the power to change what I cannot accept.”

Join our closed alpha!

We are getting closer and closer to our deadlines but that isn’t stopping us! While we are hard at work, you can get ahold of our system in its Alpha stages! Currently v1.28 is our newest, and it’s filled with many wonderful updates! Click the “Buy Now” button below to be taken to our secure PayPal checkout! (You will be taken to a new window

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